A Random Generator for Intuitive Inquiry

A Topology of Intuition:
Connecting the Dots

Most people have an intuitive understanding of intuition. It is more of an understanding that is felt, a coherence between part and whole. Intuition is a connecting of the dots. There is a structure of those connections that is relational which is what is explored here. Intuition is a kind of inquiry into connected relationships that are indivisible as a whole experience of the occurrence of our world. Intuition is an inquiry about operations of relationships diagramming the part to the whole. It does not focus on the answer but the questions asked.

This project asks questions. As such, it is an iterative design process that continues to develop and morph as I follow different lines of inquiry. The project itself has developed a more nuanced understanding of intuition and being.

More about the Project

I would like to acknowledge and thank Genevieve Tremblay for being an one who makes connections, Fisher Qua for his helpful input, Keith McCandless for his inspiring work in making complexity concepts practical methods of engagement and finally Zakiya Hanafi for her intellectual insights and support.